Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hometown Jewelry Party!

What may become a tradition - Fennimas, took it home to Ephrata, Pennsylvania U.S. where she "played show and tell" and recieved the biggest support seen yet to this small business with big dreams! Huge shout out and THANK YOU to friends and family that came by! It was awesome seeing so many loved ones all in one place!
America's Next Top Model #1: Stacie, prima numero uno, a.k.a. smiling with your eyes
Fennimas Mother and Daughter! Hot Stuff! Thanks Mom for all the love!Bro, a.k.a. photographer of Home Town Jewelry Party. Book Shawn for your next event :-) Thanks for the awesome photos!
Papa Fennimas and Daughter. Thanks Dad, for all the prayers!Get it gurls! Aunt Mary Ann and Mom, make the best models! Peep Aunt Mary Ann's necklace, from the first Fennimas collection.Mama Fennimas with friend Catherine, both looking fabulous as always. Thank you for all the continued encouragement and inspiration!
America's Next Top Model #2: Kimmy, prima numero dos, a.k.a. Blue StealAmerica's Next Top Model #3: Becky
America's Next Top Model #4: Amanda, a.k.a. Fennimas house graphic designer. Congratulations on your engagement and looking foward to designing the wedding party jewelry! America's Next Top Model #5: Deb America's Next Top Model #6: Laura
America's Next Top Model #7: Sam
America's Next Top Model #8: Kris

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jewelry Adventures with Plus Model Magazine!

Fennimas, is a full figure advocate as Rachel, the jewelry designer is a curvy chica herself and represents being healthy at a plus size! In today’s media plus size is totally under-represented and usually not in a “good” light when it is. Fashion is heading down a scary road as models get thinner and thinner, representing weights that are unhealthy and un-achievable by the average woman. In America, the average woman is between a size 12-14 and this size is never seen on the cover of fashion magazines, until now!
***Plus Model Magazine, is paving the way for the curvy woman all over the world and getting noticed in “straight sized” fashion press as setting the bar for the plus size industry.
Stay tuned for more posts on PMM, sure to come as I just can’t get enough….see below highlights from 2 recent shoots with Plus Model Magazine! Be sure to subscribe today, so you can find out what all the buzz is about and check out Fennimas jewelry in this December’s holiday issue!
Turquoise dress above from plus size designer label BGU
Mover and shaker, editor of PMM Madeline Figueroa-Jones (above), is truly a pleasure to work with. Her wisdom of the industry is impeccable and vision for the curvy woman is inspirational! She’s pushing the boundaries with her editorials, articles, and models; paving the road for all to follow. Editorial for holiday issue was shot at brilliant location, Chambers Street Court House where Law and Order is was awesome!
Above Tara Taylor, make up and eyebrow extraordinaire ! Seriously....I've never met a more talented make up artist and been on lots of shoots. Ever time that Tara is on set the images come out with this extra magic. Her contouring, shading, eyes, lips, and of course eyebrows are par none! If you're a model, stylist, photographer, designer...get at her today. Stay tuned for a special post dedicated to her work!
Above is Erika, up and coming stylist with passion at the root of all she does! Her style is fashion forward for the trend setter and skills a God given talent. Book her now before she blows up! Above Brandon "Blue" Coates, stylist specializing in plus size ! He's got skills for days and expert in plus size fashion. Check him out now!