Sunday, July 11, 2010

YFF Blogger Conference photoshoot with Plus Model Magazine!

This is Gabi of Young Fat and Fabulous! I'm a huge fan and think you should be too! She's uper stylish and has a charming personality with easy to talk to edge. Her opinions on the plus size fashion industry are filled with knowledge and her unstoppable attitude is unforgettable. This is someone you'll hear more start following her road to stardom!

Gabi, needs your help to complete a dream of living and working her dream job in NYC! The opportunity to win MTV's Twitter Jockey Contest, winner unveiled Aug 8th. She NEEDS you to VOTE on facebook at and
Karma is Calling: Don't let a great opporunity to help someone fullfill a dream go by. You can either live life to help others and yourself....or a life of only helping yourself. Give a helping hand to a neighbor who deserves this blessing and do unto others as you would want done on to you.
Introducing The Young Fat and Fabulous, Gabi!
seen here wearing Fennimas rhinestone drop chain earrings, made custom for her!I had the great pleasure of attending the Plus Model Magazine fashion shoot for The Young Fat and Fabulous Blogger Conference [YFFCon] 2010! All of these women are inspiring and in their own way making a big difference in how Plus size women are being represented in the media! I'm so honored to have met them!
Special thanks to Gabi, Maddy, Christina and Jay for helping support a new designer like myself! You all look gorgeous in your Fennimas jewels!
Gabi, wearing Fennimas rhinestone chain dangle earrings in her MTV TJ video! Thanks Gabi!
Maddy-PMM, in statement Fennimas metallic glass nugget necklace!
Christina-Musings of Fatshionista, in Fennimas Shiny Soca cuff!
J. Fatshionable in statement gold digger necklace!
The YFF Conference Plus Model Magazine shoot - behind the scenes:
photo from: Young Fat and Fabulous By: Plus Model Magazine
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bottom row:,,]

Plus Fashion Bloggers from: Young Fat and Fabulous Blogger Conference
As created by soon to be superstar Gabi, of
seen here wearing Fennimas earrings, on set of Plus Model Magazine shoot!
Maddy, editor of PMM with YFF creator Gabi of ! Gabi, playing dress up with Fennimas Jewelry! Thank you Gabi, for the awesome invite to hang out at shoot! I won't ever forget this fabulous day!
Behind the scenes sneak peak of Plus Model Magazines shoot with Young Fat and Fabulous Blogger Conference! These ladies are so much fun!
J. Fatshionable of rocking her new Fennimas feather collar! Looking hot! Will be doing special post dedicated to Jay soon!
Gabby, of in Fennimas vintage and wood necklace.
Love her style!

Melinda, of Sound Bites. Getting her hair transformed into a magnificent bee hive! GabbyMimmi
Mimmi doing what bloggers do best! Tweeting! Love these to cute chicks from Mimmi and Peppi! They have distinct fabulous fashion!
Mimmi, in awesome turban likey very much!Peppi, looking cute in Fennimas bracelet! I love their bows!
She is like a more stylish, female version of a Fat and Fashionable her to death! Her report of Full Figure Fashion week is not to be missed and so excited to know her!
Hayley, of has a Beth Ditto meets Lady Gaga - Aussie style! Love her blog personal style!Melinda, was dancing most of the shoot, hehe! love this girl!Maddy and I, having fun on set!
Maddy is one of my favorite models! Waiting for her to come out of retirement!
She doesn't even know I'm snapping her work....get it girl!
Gabby, looking gorgeous in sexy nude dress!
Sakina, of looking very pretty in Fennimas tiara!Her style is impeccable and fashion forward!Sakina, making Fennimas brass studded cuff look beautiful!
Hair Stylist, Spikey Love rocking Fennimas rhinestone bangle so sweetly!
Aliza, hairstylist extraordinaire and I cheesing for the camara!
Me favorite make up artist, Miss Tara Taylor!
Looking cute while hard at work making art come alive!
Listen to a sista tell it like it is! :-) Love you Miss Tara!
J. Fatshionable getting getting her makeup and hair did!
Tara painting Melinda's face! Peppi, and Sakina, Make Up Artist Ally, concentrating on gluing eyelashes! :-) Nicolette, looking cute with a smile in the back! Gabby, looking too cute! I love that dress, so cute paired with Fennimas necklace!
Above Photo By: Young Fat and Fabulous
Nicolette Mason, of Love her Filrty meets Goth style! That Fennimas necklace looks fly on you
PS....her blog has great insider NYC tips and reccommendations!
Race to the finish, last to shoot Melinda, gets her hair and makeup done at the same time! She's even more beautiful in person!
Jay , Christina and these two very talented and amazing ladies!
Tara and I getting ready to hit drinks after shoot has wrapped! What a fantastic and unforgettable day!
Blessings and cheers to living a conscious life! XOXO, Rachel