Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Adrienne Mack-Davis "For The Love" album release 2/14/2010

*Peep the Fennimas wood chain A.M.D. is so graciously rocking in this video! Love it!
Hearing Adrienne Mack-Davis, newest album "For The Love" the first time was one of those clock stopping moments when you know things will never be the same and it will be a day to look back on fondly. Where you get an omniscient feeling that all things are connected....with love.
Attending and designing custom jewelry for Adrienne's album release performance and in collaboration with A.M.D. and feleciacruz "For the Love" necklaces by Fennimas, was a feast for the soul. An amazing experience in my career that I will always gratefully remember.
The large crowd that came to hear Adrienne sing that night was live and full of passion, creating this warm vibe, similar to what you find at a family reunion. It was awesome to be surrounded by so many humbly talented people that night. There were painters making art during the nights many musical performances from an eclectic mix of artists, poets, photographers, editors, journalists, producers and the list goes on...
Buy Adrienne's ground breaking album "For The Love" and fall in love with this superhuman sister. Portion of proceeds goes to Fighting for Futures
Adrienne rocking her custom Fennimas necklace on the single cover to "Echo Back"
For The Love Necklace Check out Peppi from More To Love's post "For The Love
The team that worked on this album is an exceptionally talented group of persons, doing big things that inspires me every time I listen. Thank you for this music!
Put it on repeat.

Adrienne performing "Superhuman" at her album release
*video is from a fans perspective, not professional footage
If you feeling the songs, tell someone you love about this new album..."For The Love"

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mason Granger, photoshoot with Fennimas!

I'm a big fan of NYC poet Mason Granger and it was a real honor to have been blessed with the great opportunity to shoot him in Fennimas Jewels! It's always a dream come true when you get to work together with such a group of talented people, bringing their "A" games and these images are proof of that!

Mason, is a skilled poet, performer, recent author and sports enthusiast....newly added to the list model; part of the award winning NYC poetry group Mayhem Poets. I met Mason, thanks to one of the three talented members of Mayhem Poets, Kyle Rapps....who I'm also a HUGE fan of (check him out modeling the jewels on Fennimas homepage)!

Peep Mason, here rocking "The One String Blues," wearing Fennimas leather wrap bracelet!

Enjoy some of Mason's recent work:

Mayhem Poets, is a must fan! If you haven't already...start following this ground, history, and border breaking group. I find them, each in their own right inspiring and as a trio an experience that could change the way you think about life... This is performance art for your eyes, ears and soul.
Will be releasing more images officially with a hopeful media publication soon. :-) Till then enjoy sneak peak of a few images from our recent shoot!
Peep the behind the scenes pics with a fun, hard working team of talented people!

Stylist: Ischel E.
Make Up Artist: as a Tara Taylor
Jewelry Designer, Producer: Rachel Fennimore

***Special thanks to Kyle Rapps, for making this possible via introduction. I'm a fan for life and excited for the whole world to soon know you soon! If you love hip hop, poetry and skilled talent....then you must check out Kyle Rapps (who also moonlights as a Fennimas model)!***