Saturday, October 9, 2010

Plus Model Magazine - The Pulse of The Plus Industry

Plus Model Magazine, works with renowned plus sized models, celebrities, agencies, retailers, photographers, and has helped discover many new plus models. Each month they lead the way in curvy fashion, news and media. I looked forward to the hot editorials, personal interviews and new ground breaking videos! PMM, is the only magazine of it's kind and making history as it leads the way in this current time of what some call "The Plus Size Revolution".

Every day I'm grateful for this magazine, for so many reasons, I'll list just a few: 1) Featuring curvy, confident women in beautiful, real bodies on it's cover - something that mainstream media and even other plus publications, does not do. 2) Showcase new fashion talent emerging in the plus world: models, designers, photographers, bloggers, stylists, etc... 3) Provide a great service to fresh models, getting them professional images/tears. 4) Representing and giving the plus size community a positive voice in media. 5) My personal deep gratitude, taking a chance on a new designer like myself.

PMM has been unselfishly nurturing to Fennimas, and taken my company to new heights of exposure, making it a recognizable name in the plus community. I am proud to be associated with Plus Model Magazine, as a recurring contributor and fan. The generosity and "eye for talent" of editor Madeline Figueroa Jones, is reflected in her uber talented teams. When you walk on set for a PMM shoot, read it's articles, watch their videos, and become mesmerized by their fashion editorials, one gets that warm and tingly, goosebump feeling of viewing great art or witnessing something positively profound. This magazine has changed my life and continues to do that for so many other fresh faces in fashion.

Please see highlights below of Fennimas, working with Plus Model Magazine!

Model: Nikki Gomez

Model: Vashia

Model: Kasia

Model: Jordan Tesfay

Model: Sheridan Watson

MS WALK 2010!

At Shecky's - Girls Night Out 2010!Super Model and Actress, Producer: Mia Amber Davis

Editor of PMM and Model/wearer of all hats: Madeline Figueroa Jones (above and below with the Glamazons!) Stylist: Ischel E., Model: Griselangel, MUA: Tara Taylor, and Me at FFFW!
*photograph by Lucas Jones

Model: Audrey Lea Curry
*photograph by: Velvet D' Amour

Fashionista in training: Madison

Stylist: Ischel E. and Editor of PMM Maddy, on set of Fennimas Men's shoot!

Models: Kyle Rapps, Griselangel, Clint Walker

Model: Griselangel

Maddy and Me, hehe!

YFF Conference: Melinda, of

YFF Conference: Gabby, of

YFF Conference Creator: Gabi, of

Model: Shannon Hiett

Model: Kailee O'Sullivan

Model: Nikki Gomez

Make up Artist: Tara Taylor and Me

Wardrobe Stylist: Ischel E. and Model: Suzette Banzo
Sweet interview with New MTV TJ and Creator of Young Fat and Fabulous, the always stylish Miss Gabi Gregg, interviewed by Suzette!

Model: Joanne Borgella

Model: Bernadett Vajda
Model: Emma Meyer
Model: Ivana
Plus Model Magazine interviews Fennimas:
Thank you to Plus Model Magazine, and all of the amazing teams and models that Fennimas, has had the great opportunity to work with! The above images are true highlights in my career and the faith and support of this magazine has changed my life in a way that will leave me forever grateful. Special thanks to Maddy, for so many reasons I won't even begin to list...most of all for leading by example how to be a curvy, confident, no game playing, business women in an industry that is happy to see you fail. You are a pilar in this community which all other foundations are being built upon. I, as a fat girl, jewelry designer and fan will continue to look to Plus Model Magazine each month (shoot, each day) for what's new and hot in the plus world.

Closing this post with a reminder to all us fat girls in fashion: It's a true testiment to yourself and your curves to uplift each other in the plus community with support and positivity. We are still the "underdogs" in fashion and if you want to see change on the size of models, actresses and other faces in the media to reflect what you see in the mirror everyday; then please stand together as soldiers in the same war. Get behind the companies like PMM who are helping lead the way, or make your own voice and start your own buzz.....don't ever slander those who are making bold strides (it makes you look bad, not the person you're talking shit on). BE PART OF THE CHANGE, don't hate on the ones who ARE doing it. Compettition is an illusion for people who are weak and don't believe enough in themselves to know there is enough success for everyone. Dreams are are in ample supply...get yourself one and go for it!

Sending you much love, respect and success!