Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fennimas Haiti Relief Bracelet

The Haiti Relief Bracelet is only $20, with full proceeds going to The Yéle Earthquake Fund , founded by musician, producer and social entrepreneur Wyclef Jean.

Adjustable macramé chocolate leather with braided multi finished chain, red and blue (colors representing the Haitian flag) glass pony bead detail, plus silver coin charm. Fashionable for men, woman and children. Show your support and look good at the same time!
Accepting paypal-send to, will ship national and international, at supporters cost.
Ask me about it, use Support Haiti in the subject line. Soon to come will be able to purchase on the fennimas website
Will keep you all posted on all donations raised, looking to raise at least $3,000 which will feed one person for a year or 25+ people for a month. It's a starting point...let's see how far we can go!
There comes a time in your life when you can choose to make a positive difference in this world or watch other people do it. Every little bit counts and up your seat for an elderly person or pregnant woman, opening the door for someone who's hands are full, volunteering in your community or for a mission in another country, praying for your neighbor or simply smiling more....donating money and supplies to help the Haitian people who are in need more than ever. Count your blessings and wake everyday knowing you have the power to make a positive change in this at times depressing world. Take pride in the simple pleasures ya'll...cause you never know when it may be gone. This bracelet is me trying to make that difference, whether I sell 1 or 1,000 the money will go directly to the earthquake fund. In addition the company I work for Jones Apparel Group has decided to match all donations by just think, if we raise $3,000 they will donate $6,000 to the red cross!
Stay tuned for updated pictures of supporters, as bracelets sell!
Blessings to all, respect and love!
2/15/10 - to date so far 5 Haiti Bracelets sold. Below are some new pics of happy supporters of the cause!

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