Friday, April 16, 2010

Jewelry adventures with Andriana Santiago!

I had so much fun Thursday night while out to hear superstar Andriana Santiago, (musician, artist, free thinker)! We met about a year ago while I was selling jewelry at a trunk show and she was making smoothies and being sparkly! After I heard her perform acoustic guitar and sing that day, I became a fan....for life! Andriana Santiago, is a name you will remember and I’ve posted about her before, because I’ll never get tired of

She’s looks fantastic in Fennimas jewelry, because they match her shiny disposition!
Here she is wearing Fennimas:

The night began at Alphabet lounge ave. C/7th st. NYC
Met up with fashionable pals: Designer Mary, of and Fashion Blogger Nubia, of !
Andriana Santiago, wore a silver dress from their line gla.MAR.ous, best known for their famous zipper headband! I love their dresses and plan on getting one in my closet soon! The outfit was paired with FENNIMAS earrings!
Me with Andriana, Stephanie from Ethereal boutique, Nubia and Mary from gla.MAR.ous
Andriana had violinist Josh Henderson along, which made it an extra special show!
photo by: nubiasnonsense

I first heard Josh, while accompanying Andriana at an Ethereal Boutique trunk show. Ethereal LIC
Josh, is a super one in a million type stuff! This young man is gifted and going places, I'm a Fan! I peed his myspace page and homeboy stays booked solid. HIS SOUND IS AMAZING and the two of them performing together is a real treat and never fails to give me goosebumps!
wishing you all the very best Josh!Check out this sweet video of Josh with Kyle Sutton, a.k.a. Black Skeptik

Great highlight of the night was meeting Kyle Sutton at the show! Super nice guy....oh and super fine, yaoh! Gotta love the technology age we're living in, we became facebook friends on the spot! 'fingers crossed' Kyle will graciously rock the Fennimas Men's Collection when it launches June!
(after some light google/youtube stalking, don't judge) Turns out Kyle, "fennimas, male model in my head" is a lot more then just good looking and nice, he's a superstar himself! Lyrical stunner, his talent is with words and the drama he brings to a rhyme. Part of the group Mayhem Poets and rapper under the sudo name Black Skeptik...which I was familiar with on the underground tip after seeing his video Rent with KRS-One, but didn't realize who he was the night of show. Wow, you've got to youtube him and Mayhem Poets! These guys are making a positive difference in the world and that's all respect, I'm a Fan! Check out his sweet new video, Frankenstein Saves Hip Hop! Make sure & LEAVE A COMMENT!

The night ended with a bite to eat with Stephanie at Grande Cafe in Astoria, NY , nice vibe with an ecentric menu and yummy drinks! I'm so happy and blessed to run into some of the most amazinlgy talented, yet humble people! Nothing but LOVE! Thanks for stopping by the Fennimas blog, see you on the next adventure!

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  1. Great post!! Wish I would've known you ladies went to Grand Cafe I would have joined!! xoxo