Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gabi Fresh, wins MTV Twitter Jockey, wearing Fennimas Jewelry!

Today is truly a moment to be remembered in curvy fashion history! Gabi, winning MTV Twitter Jockey is one of the 1st times in pop culture history that a curvy women of some substance is the face of a large social media group!

Her story is touching on soooo many levels, tonight she has gone from sleeping on her Chicago apartment floor to getting that $100,000 dollar NYC job! She's is living her young fat and fabulous, fashionable dream and I feel her same drive! Gabi is a name, face and voice you will be seeing much more of on all media levels. She's needed and wanted, she's a positive role model and soon to be mogul! I'm so blessed to know her and because of her extraordinary taste Fennimas jewelry has been with her on this MTV TJ quest and these the beginning steps of her journey to world domination!

I love you Gabi Fresh! More people should be like you!

Seen here in Fennimas vintage elephant pendant statement necklace!
Gabi, wearing Fennimas gold chain statement earrings and brass cuff with studs!

Gabi, wearing Fennimas rhinestone chain dangle earrings in her MTV TJ video! Thanks Gabi!
This is Gabi of Young Fat and Fabulous! I'm a huge fan and think you should be too! She's uper stylish and has a charming personality with easy to talk to edge. Her opinions on the fashion industry and iconic style combined with her unstoppable attitude is unforgettable. This is someone you'll hear more start following her road to stardom!

@gabifresh @mtvtj
The Young Fat and Fabulous, Gabi!

seen here wearing Fennimas rhinestone drop chain earrings, made custom for her!I had the great pleasure of attending the Plus Model Magazine fashion shoot for The Young Fat and Fabulous Blogger Conference [YFFCon] 2010! All of these women are inspiring and in their own way making a big difference in how Plus size women are being represented in the media!

Gabi, is the founder and creator of YFF Conference! Talk about young and motivated!

The YFF Conference Plus Model Magazine shoot - behind the scenes Fennimas blog post:
photo from: Young Fat and Fabulous By: Plus Model Magazine [top row, left to right:,,,,,,
bottom row:,,]
seen here wearing Fennimas earrings, on set of Plus Model Magazine shoot!
Maddy, editor of PMM with YFF creator Gabi of ! Gabi, playing dress up with Fennimas Jewelry! Thank you Gabi, for the awesome invite to hang out at shoot! I won't ever forget this fabulous day!
Gabi, I'm wishing you all the best and blessings this world and beyond have to offer you!


  1. yayyy! so happy! she looked hot in her fennimas jewels!!

    (PS - not nicole!!)


  2. Me too! she looked adorable and I'm so happy she WON!!! Love the post!

  3. Aw I'm so happy for Gabi! She definitely deserves it :D also, SO glad I found your blog! :) Your jewelry is too fabulous for words!

    xoxo Allison of CurvyGirlChic