Monday, September 14, 2009

Fennimas at Flatbush Frolic 2009, Brooklyn NY

Let me please recap for you some of the day’s excitement, other than having a fabulous time at the fair!
Who knew:
- All Enterprise’s cargo vans are commercial plates?
- You can’t go through the Holland Tunnel with commercial plates from NJ to NY?
- The police like to look into your cargo vans at Battery Tunnel from BK to Manhattan?
- You can’t go through the Battery Tunnel with a passenger in the back of your cargo van? (I mean, I know it was dangerous, but sometimes your desperate…please don’t judge me)
- It would take 30 minutes to hail a cab on Delancey and Bowery at 8pm?
- There would be a big fire in Jackson Heights causing mass traffic, on the same street I needed to be around 8:30pm?
- Parallel parking a cargo van could be so hard. But I did it (thanks Erika!)
- Who knew this could all happen on the same day to the same person?!?! Needless to say, between these series of events, packing, unpacking, on 2 HOURS of sleep (up making new pieces)…I was a tired little (curvy ‘wink’) girl. The great time at fair made up for what could've been a bad day. Really had fun with the other vendors, friends that stopped by, customers and Flatbush passer-byers. It was a beautiful day of sunshine, music, friends, smiles, laughs….oh and SALES!!!
Hope to see you at the next Fennimas Event!
Please check out the highlights and enjoy:
fringe bag above by Dagmara Lauk
peep the d*mn cargo van behind us, lol!We were handed chalk from a woman with box of chalk and asked to draw where all these kids were drawing. Then when done and found her to return, she said "noooo....pass the chalk to someone else to draw." So, in the crowd of people watching jazz band, we found two little kids with their parents and and asked if they'd like to draw something...they were so excited! It took a bunch of asks before we found the kids....that was amusing.My chalk drawing, with Erika's shawdow in the background.
Accessories designer Dagmara, above. The Fab Gloria, Soap and Spa creator and Erika, soon to be fashion sylist and Fennimas model for the day!
Heyyyy....come shopping!
Dagmara Lauk Accessories, above! Handmade leather fringe bags, belts, headbands, etc...These items are a true treasure! Lamoon Soap and Spa, above! I'm addicted to her soap....literally. I even used it on my face and never do this with "just any soap", I swear by it!

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