Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm Fan of Andriana Santiago

I met Andriana one sunshiny day and won't ever forget her. Have you ever met someone and just knew they would changes lives some day? Andriana, is doing this with her music, art and electric personality. I've heard of triple threat....but what about quatro, cinco, seis, siete, Let me tell you she's got em all. Her music is her passion and this is evident the moment she starts singing and playing her acoustic guitarra. Have a conversation with her and see into her world of compassion, humor, and positive thinking…. intelligent and opinionative….she has a point of view. Oh and her band totally ROCKS!!! It's a MUST SEE SHOW! Remember her name and know she is coming…to make you smile!
Performing at Ethereal Boutique, wearing Fennimas Jeweled Collar!Fennimas Cuff and Collar At Mercury Lounge. This is the first time I saw Andriana perform with her band, I was blown away and dancing by the time their set was over.
Please excuse the side ways video, I was into show I didn't even notice camara was sideways, lol...
Shakey camara......I told you I was dancing
You may catch her at Union Square or on the Subway singing for hoolahoop girls and selling her vinyl record art necklaces, bowls, flower pots, love boxes...smiles are gratis and contagious :-)
Her CD cover is one of a kind art for the wall, comes with it's own string, each one is different!Have I mentioned she makes killer smoothies....have her at your next party making these tasty refreshing drinks! YUMMMM


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