Monday, March 1, 2010

Fennimas in March issue Plus Model Magazine: Spring Preview

This is the only magazine out there that I actually count down the days till the next month...usually have it read cover to cover by the 3rd day of every month depending what I have going on ;-). Wow, it just keeps getting more exciting! The articles are always interesting and informative to the climate of the world of curves; which is on the way to being the norm in our weight conscious society. It really is a must read by all those in the fashion industry, above/below a size 12 or's imperatively relevant to fashion, particular fashion that reps the true size of the women in not only in the United States, but throughout the world. They got curves everywhere...
Speaking to women of all nations and sizes, is PMM's International, can't wait for April Music Issue!
Peep Fennimas in Spring Preview - Ignite With Color

Tony Armstrong

Luke Jones

Makeup Artist:
Etzel Ecleston

Hair Stylist:
Aliza Williams

Emma Meyer

Rachel Fennimore


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