Sunday, May 2, 2010

Celebrating Mom's with Ethereal Boutique!

It was truly an awesome day! I'm never let down when doing an Ethereal event! Boutique owner Adriana Ron, is super creative and always plans up fun and fashionable things to do! This past Saturday in honor of Mother's Day, Ethereal Boutique held a "Mommy and Me" Fashion Show and shopping party with Manducatis Rustica Restaurant! The food was delicious, combined with other great vendors, fabulous clothes, music, JEWELRY....all at this sweet location, a luxury vintage car garage. I wish I had taken a pic of the gourmet spread, but I will def be going to dine at this restaurant!
Fennimas, table of jewels!Future Fennimas Fan!congrats on graduation, two of my favorite fashionistas, who rock Fennimas all too well! They are the perfect models! Thanks ladies for always making the events extra nice! Stay tuned for special post dedicated to them and check them out all over the Fennimas FB page! Kim, in the yellow leaf earrings and bee ring & Nicole, in bauble/rope necklace Hot ladies, work!
Adriana, boutique owner announcing and looking fab in her Ethereal dress!So here's the video I took of fashion show! lol, it's sideways....I'm a jewelry designer, not a videographer, so yea, it's sideways. It's still enjoyable....with your head cocked to one side. :-)

All the "Mommies and Me" wearing Fennimas....they've got The Desperate and NYC Housewives a run for the money....get it ladies!
Rocking Fennimas rhinestone chain necklace!
Let me introduce you to a ray of sunshine, aka Hazel! The sweetest and wittiest little kindergartner I've met yet. Her mommy is Adriana, Ethereal Boutique owner...who has two darling and fashionable young daughters, Ariel and Hazel. Both are the cutest and most respectful girls you could meet...and I just realized I need more pics of Ariel! This is Adriana with Ariel and Hazel, on the runway! peep Ariel's cute outfit, she's got great style...I want her outfit!
Now let's visit the boutique..............................
If you're new to the Fennimas blo,g you may not recognize Ethereal Boutique....I post about them often because they are one of the coolest boutiques I know with awesome events and carry exclusive Fennimas pieces! Adriana the stylish owner, hand picks saucy, fashion forward and tasteful little numbers. Ethereal Boutique, is a lifestyle boutique and carries fashion artwork, unique candles, adorned with the staple vintage goods, designer clothes, accessories, shoes and of course jewelry! It's a place to go and get the perfect gift for you or someone else! Treat your self and discover up and coming artist's and designers at the same time!
This is Erika, me and Stephanie from Ethereal The night closed with drinks and a bite to eat in Astoria...but not till after stopping by the boutique to tidy up after the big event. We were all having fun and on a natural high from the days great activities and I started snapping lots of pictures. Enjoy hehe :-)
This is Erika, aka stylist Ischel E, aka my roommate, aka flyest chick on the block and will hook up your style 365 days a year! check her out &
aka Fennimas model, wearing Fenni cuffs!
Me cheesing for the camara and looking pretty in my Monif C. "Marylin Convertible" dress in bright yellow!
Me sunglasses and gla.MAR.ous headband sold at Ethereal, paired with Fennimas!
Fennimas, table of jewels at Ethereal Boutique!
Fennimas, yellow "mohawk" feather necklace. Sold exclusively at Ethereal!
As I was taking pictures of the jewels, Hazel, came whizzing by on her tri-cycle that she was riding all day like a pro! She stopped to ask me "why I was still here" lol, and satisfied when I told" I enjoyed being at the boutique and was having fun" I told her she was cute, lol and her response "I know". I love her frankness and wish more adults were like her. She so graciously let me snap her pic as she continuded on her way to guard the door and pose for some more paparazzi style photos. Thanks Hazel, for being a peach and making me smile!
peep the fennimas table in back of pic as she peedles by.... :-) She had two ballons tied to her wrist, following her around all day...either bopping them around at her will and or having them dance in the air as she rode her red tri-cycle in circles around the maniquins and down the runway. Too much fun! Hazel, bids you adue and safe travels untill the next Ethereal Adventure!

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