Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One Necklace, Five Different Ways to Wear!

Leather and chain knotted with Antique Japanese Rosebud Porcelain Beads with Iridescent Crystal detail and Bronze Nugget Large Stone. Can be worn 5 different ways: Long draped around the neck with a small lobster clasp in middle.
Doubled (or tripled, don't have this pictured) around the neck with the bronze nugget dangling in the center.
Lariet style, doubled and wrapped around the neck, looping beaded ends through other side.
Around the waist.
As a Belt tied or with attached with the lobster clasp.
Wrapped around the arm.

Adding more images soon, being worn and different styles! Working to make it also fit the wrist. Stay tuned for updates!

***Special Thanks Erika, aka Stylist Ischel E., for being so gracious to pose for all these pics! peep her style at

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